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Enabling Barcode Scanning in Siebel Handheld

Before using the barcode scanning feature, you must add the following parameter value in setup.ini:

EnableBarcode = Y

NOTE:  In the event that your handheld application is not preconfigured to enable barcode scanning, you must make an Application Event Services entry in Siebel Tools.

To enable barcode scanning

  1. Navigate to Application object, and then select Siebel Service for CE.
  2. Expand to Application Event Services object, add a new entry with the following:

    Name: SHCE Core Barcode Service
    Event Name: HHCE_Start
    Business Service: SHCE Core Barcode Service

If you are going to scan barcodes, you need to associate the scan trigger with a button on the handheld device. This task may not apply to some rugged devices because those devices may have an embedded scanner and a specific button to scan barcode.

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