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Supporting Service Business Components

By default, all products, price lists, and rate lists for an organization are downloaded to the device. Since, for most businesses, this would result in a very large number of records being downloaded, default business component filters are provided that reduce the amount of data.

The preconfigured business component filters filter the data for products, price lists, and rate lists in the following way:

  • Products. All products associated with an organization that meet the following conditions are downloaded: Orderable = TRUE and either Field Replaceable = TRUE or Bill Replaceable = TRUE.
  • Price Lists. Price Lists have a valid time period as defined by the Start Date and End Date fields. All valid price lists for a user's organization are downloaded.
  • Rate Lists. Rate lists have a valid time period as defined by the Start Date and End Date fields. All valid rate lists associated with the user's organization are downloaded.

Use these defaults as examples of how you can restrict the data in your organization. Identify a field that makes sense in your organization to use to restrict the data, and create a business component filter that specifies how data is to be extracted on this field. The following are other alternative methods for restricting data from these supporting business components:

  • Increase the level of granularity of your organization. For example, you could break one large organization into several smaller organizations and assign different products, price lists, and rates lists to different organizations.
  • Design multiple business component filters. This requires multiple servers, one for each business component filter.
  • Add a field to each of the business components and filter on that field. For example, you could add a field called Product Family and use this field to categorize your products. Or you could add a Service Team field and use this field to classify your rate lists and price lists.

Parts is the only business component that is based on a user property. All parts that occur in the user's inventory are downloaded.

Entitlements are another supporting business component. The downloaded accounts determine the entitlements that are downloaded.

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