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Associating Action Items, Notes, and Attachments with Call Reports

After an end user has added a call report, they can associate it with action items, notes, and attachments.

NOTE:  Call report attachments, like the attachments for other activities, are stored in the S_ACTIVITY_ATT table.

To associate action items, notes, and attachments

  1. Navigate to the Call Reports screen > Call Report List view.
  2. In the Call Reports list, drill down on the desired call report.
  3. To add notes or action items to the call report, click the appropriate view tab in the Call Report form:
    • Notes. To add notes or comments.
    • Action Items. To add an action item.
  4. To attach external documents to a call report, click the Attachments view tab.
  5. In the Attachments list, add a record and choose a file or select a URL to attach.
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