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Cluster Booking of Assets

In most cases, an event uses only assets that are located at the property where the event is to occur. However, if the property does not have enough assets to meet its needs, it may use the assets at another local property that is located in its property cluster. Siebel Hospitality allows the sales representative to add line items (or assets) that are located at other properties to the quote. This process is known as cluster booking.

When an asset has been added from a property in the cluster, this asset must can be AutoBooked, double-booked, or rerented in the same manner as assets that are located at the property. However, in this case, the assets are AutoBooked and double-booked using the Cluster AutoBook and Cluster Double Book options respectively, that are available from the Quote > Functions > Line Items menu. For more information about AutoBooking, double-booking, and rerenting, see AutoBook and Noncritical Assets and Double-Booking and Rerenting Using the Availability Gantt Chart View.

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