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Charge Code Administration

Charge codes are collections of tax codes and service charges. A charge code is an identifier that links taxes and service charges to products and can be used to distinguish between group and local business. For each charge code, there is an associated business type. The business type is selected at the event/quote level. The predefined business types are:

  • Group. Overnight stays for event participants are included with the event.
  • Local. Overnight stays for event participants are not included with the event.

NOTE:  Additional business types can be added.

Charge codes are associated with subcategories, rather than categories, and can be used for calculation and analysis purposes. When defining charge codes, the Revenue Category field is automatically populated when the Revenue Subcategory field is specified.

Additional charge codes can be defined by extending the List of Values (LOV). For more information about working with the LOV, see Applications Administration Guide.

This section contains the following topics, and is a step in Tax Code Administration.

  1. Defining Charge Codes
  2. Associating Charge Codes with Tax Codes
  3. Associating Charge Codes with Service Charges
  4. Reviewing Charge Codes Associated with a Revenue Category
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