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Querying for Function Spaces

In addition to querying for specific bookings, users can also query for function spaces that meet certain criteria. For example, they can choose to display only function spaces that have Internet connections or have a specific capacity.

Querying for Related Function Spaces

Users can execute queries, which display not only the particular function space that meet their criteria but also include any related function spaces. For example, if a user executes a query that returns Salon A, it can be helpful to know that this salon is also used to form Salon AB, Salon AC, and Salon ABC. It is also useful to know whether or not bookings have been made for these function spaces on a particular date.

To query for related function spaces

  1. Navigate to the Function Space Diary screen.
  2. In the Properties form, query for the property record.
  3. Click the appropriate view tab (Sales/Execution, Revenue Management, Total Availability, or Compact Diary).
  4. From the selected view, enter the required start date, and then click Go.

    Alternatively, you can specify the start date within the query assistant.

  5. On the view's toolbar, click Query to display the query assistant.
  6. Enter your criteria in the Function Spaces section, and then click Go.

    The function space most suitable for your needs appears.

  7. On the view's toolbar, click the menu button, and select Enable Query for Related Spaces.

    The diary changes to display any function spaces that are related to the returned function space.

To disable queries for related spaces

  • From the diary view, click the Menu button and select Disable Query for Related Spaces. If you have already executed a query, the diary changes to display only the original function space returned, hiding the related spaces from the view.
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