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Function Space Diary View Elements

In Figure 12, the Function Space Diary shows current bookings, overbookings, and dependency bookings represented by bars that extend horizontally along the segments of the selected time period (x-axis). The predefined color and patterns assigned to each bar represent the function's inventory status, setup time, and tear-down time. When space permits, the indicator bar displays booking information. The information displayed on the indicator bar is specified by the option chosen from the Display drop-down list.

Each category and its component specific space is shown on the y-axis. Users can expand or collapse individual categories by clicking + or -. The categories and specific spaces are displayed according to the Display Sequence specified within the Property Administration screen's Category view and Specific Space views, respectively. In addition, values for the category capacity and authorization level are displayed next to each category name. Because authorization levels can vary from day to day, it is important to note that the authorization level shown on the y-axis relates to the date specified in the Start Date field.

When the mouse pointer is positioned on the category or specific space name, the name is highlighted and underlined. If users click the category name link, they are brought to the Property Administration screen's Category view. They can then query for the appropriate category record. If users click the specific space name link, they are brought to the Property Administration screen's Specific Space view and can then query for the appropriate specific space record.

Specific space that is not assigned to a category appears as an individual item. To see the list of available function spaces, scroll vertically.

By scrolling horizontally, users can see the bookings for the same function space across time. This capability is useful if users want to review past dates with actualized bookings to compare availability at a similar season in the past. Click the date on the major time axis to navigate to the Property screen's Total Availability view. For more information on the Total Availability view, see Function Space Diary Total Availability View. Users can also click on a booking label link and navigate to the Function screen's Line Items view.

NOTE:  After users leave the diary and return by clicking Back, the diary's time scale changes back to the default values. For example, the default time scale value is Day/Hour. A sales representative selects the Week/Day time scale option to view information, navigates away from the Function Space Diary view, and then returns by clicking Back. When the diary is displayed again, the information appears in the Day/Hour time scale.

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