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Scenario for Generating Event Checks

A few days before an event, the event manager generates a trial event check, including total amount due, service charges, and tax information, and provides it to the customer. The event manager also prints a BEO report and distributes it to all operations personnel. The operations personnel then use this report to verify the correct delivery of products for the event.

As the event begins, the operations team records the actual items consumed at the event. After the event has concluded, an event manager or an operations team member revises the line items specified in the event check, to make sure that it is up to date. This process helps event management verify that the event check represents the actual quantities and items used for the event.

When the updating process is complete, the event manager generates the event check, which freezes the order. At this point no more changes can be made to the order. However, line items can be added to the event check if necessary. As the order has been frozen, these changes do not appear in the order.

After the event check has been generated, the event manager can post it to the customer. In cases where changes need to be made after the event check is posted, the posted event check is voided. The user updates a copy of the voided event check and posts the new version of the check.

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