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About Event Templates

In the hospitality industry, there is a considerable repetition of events with similar function agendas and room blocks. On many occasions, customers may call a sales representative and say that they really like the manner in which an event was handled, and that they would like to hold a similar type of event at some stage in the future. Or, existing customers may contact a sales representative and request a similar event to one that was held previously, for example, an annual conference.

On such occasions, it is helpful to have predefined event templates that can be applied to opportunities or quotes. Applying these templates reduces the work involved with defining opportunities and quotes, while still providing the flexibility to change specific details that make an opportunity or quote specific to each customer.

There are two types of event templates that you can create for opportunities and quotes:

  • Generic Event Templates. A generic event template is a template that can be applied to an event opportunity before a property is identified. A generic template includes generic products, generic setup styles, generic function types, and generic room block types associated with it, which allows many properties to qualify for an opportunity.
  • Property-Specific Event Templates. A property-specific event template can be applied to an event quote when a property has been identified. A property-specific template identifies specific products available at the particular property, specific setup styles, specific function types, and specific room block types associated with the property.
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