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About Host-Affiliate Relationships

A Host-Affiliate relationship for opportunities is a relationship where one company (the host) handles an entire event and then other companies (the affiliates) do individual parts of the event. For example, a company such as Microsoft may decide to host an event at a property, and may ask IBM to take part in one of the events. In general, the host would take care of the following things:

  • The host determines the affiliates for the functions.
  • The host books function space and hotel rooms and then allocates the space and rooms to the affiliates.
  • The host books all inventory and later distributes this inventory to the affiliates.
  • The host negotiates a deal with the hotel chain to get a special rate, which may not be extended to the affiliates.

Host opportunities are represented by one parent opportunity. All affiliate opportunities associated with this opportunity are created as subopportunities to the host opportunity. Host opportunities-affiliate opportunities can be associated with nonparticipating properties.

NOTE:  For host-affiliate opportunities, allocation of inventory must be done manually by the sales representative. This means that inventory is not automatically mapped to property-specific inventory during the generate quote process. For more information about adding inventory to opportunities at the quote stage, see Working with Inventory.

This section includes the following topics and is a step in Process of Capturing Hospitality Opportunities.

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