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Creating a Product Category

You can further group products into product categories under catalogs.

This task is a step in Adding Catalog Visibility to Products.

To create a product category

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Catalog screen > Catalog Administration list.
  2. In the Catalog Administration list, query for and select the required catalog.
  3. Drill down on the Name hyperlink.

    The Categories view appears.

  4. Create a new category, complete the fields, and save the record. For information about the fields, see Creating the Product Catalog.
  5. Make sure that you complete the Effective Start Date and Effective End Date fields for the category. This is important as these dates are checked when you create a quote line item for effective catalogs.
  6. Create new product categories as required.
  7. Indent the new category under the original catalog to create a category hierarchy.
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