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Process of Setting Up Products and Assets

The following list shows the procedures that administrators typically perform to set up products and assets using Siebel Hospitality. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

To set up products and assets, complete the following procedures:

  1. Creating Hospitality Revenue Categories and Revenue Subcategories
  2. Creating Simple Products for Hospitality Events
  3. Creating Complex Products for Hospitality Events
  4. Adding Catalog Visibility to Products
  5. Forecasting Product Consumption
  6. Creating Generic Catering Products
  7. Creating Generic Room Blocks
  8. Creating Property-Specific Products
  9. Mapping a Generic Catering Product to a Property-Specific Product
  10. Mapping Generic Room Blocks to Property-Specific Room Types
  11. Creating Hospitality Assets
  12. Managing Function Spaces, Sleeping Rooms, and Categories as Products
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