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Creating the Property Cluster

The following procedure details how to create a property cluster.

This task is a step in Setting Up Property Clusters.

To set up a property cluster

  1. Navigate to the Clusters screen > Clusters list view.
  2. In the Clusters list, create a new record, and complete the fields.

    The following table describes some of the fields.


    Cluster Id

    The identification number of the cluster. This field is automatically populated.


    A description of the purpose of the cluster.

    Last Updated By

    This field is read-only and is automatically populated with the User Id of the last person to update this record.

    Last Updated Date

    This field is read-only and is automatically populated with the date on which this record was last updated.


    The name of this particular cluster.


    Choose Revenue Cluster or Sales Cluster as the type.

  3. Drill down on the Cluster Id hyperlink, and click the Properties tab.
  4. In the Properties list, create a new record.

    The Add Properties picklist appears.

  5. Query for the property that you want to add to this cluster, select it, and click OK.

    The details of this property are populated to the fields in the Properties list.

  6. Add more properties to the list as required.
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