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Compiling Aggregate Quotes

An aggregate quote is one that provides summary details of all subopportunity details for the recurring event. When an aggregate quote is complied in the Aggregate Quotes view, the aggregate property quotes for that aggregate quote, and related quotes for the aggregate property quotes are also displayed in the Aggregate Quote view.

Before an aggregate quote can be compiled, subopportunity quotes for the recurring event must be generated.

When you compile an aggregate quote, the following things may occur:

  • If there is no aggregate quote for the recurring event, then a new aggregate quote is complied, as well as any related property quotes and their related quotes.
  • If an aggregate quote exists, and values at the lowest level (such as sleeping room and function agenda) have changed, then the quote is updated with the latest values.
  • If an aggregate quote exists, and new subopportunity quotes have been generated for new properties, then the aggregate quote and aggregate property quotes are refreshed to reflect the changes.

When you have created an aggregate quote, you may view more detailed information about this quote through the Aggregate Quotes screen.

There are three lists in the Aggregate Quotes screen as follows:

  • Aggregate Quotes - Total. This list provides the total aggregate quote for all properties. Only one quote can exist in this list.
  • Aggregate Quotes - Property. This list provides the total aggregate quote for each property. There can only be one quote for each property in this list. The aggregate quote for each property totals all the quotes for events that are to be carried out at that property.
  • Related Quotes. This is a list of all the quotes for a particular property in the series of recurring events. If you select the aggregate quote for a property in the Aggregate Quote - Property list, you can see all the quotes related to that property in this list.

This task is a step in Process of Creating Recurring Events.

To compile an aggregate quote for a recurring event

  1. Generate quotes for the subopportunities of the recurring event as described in Generating Subopportunity Quotes.
  2. Click the Aggregate Quotes view tab.
  3. From the Aggregate Quotes view, click Aggregate Quote.

    The aggregate quote (Aggregate Quote - Total) is compiled, as are aggregate quotes for all properties (Aggregate Quote - Property) associated with the recurring event.

NOTE:  If you want to review all information associated with the aggregate quote, such as Functions, Room Blocks, Property Quotes, and related quotes, click the link in the Quote Name field. The Aggregate Quotes screen appears where you can review the information.

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