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Confirming Function Space Details

Using the Quote screen's Functions and Function Line Items views, the event manager:

  • Assigns the function space category bookings to the specific space using the Function space diary.
  • Creates and confirms 24-hour hold functions. The event manager can create 24-hour hold functions to hold the rooms in the intervening periods between two functions booked by the same party.
  • Adds additional detail to the planned functions, and confirms the function space information such as agenda, timing, and setup style.

From the Functions Line Items view, the event manager can perform the following tasks:

  • Reserve
  • Next Fit
  • Option
  • Reprice
  • Reprice All
  • AutoBook
  • Double Book/Rerent
  • The event manager can shift the times of the functions, using the Timeshift button.

For more information, see Managing Property-Specific Event Quotes.

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