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Scenario for Finalizing a Quote, Turnover, and Confirming Event Details

This scenario provides an example of a process performed by hospitality sales representatives and event managers. An end user's company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

The customer reviews all property quotes with the sales representative, and decides that one quote is acceptable. The sales representative generates an agreement for the quote, and sends it to the customer for final approval.

The customer signs the agreement, and returns it to the sales representative, who changes the status of the quote to Definite. All other quotes associated with the opportunity are automatically marked as turndown when the selected quote's status is made Definite.

The sales representative completes the Turnover checklist, changes its status to Submitted, and submits it to the events director. As a result, the Turnover checklist is automatically sent to the events director, and the turned-over quote appears on the director's home page.

The events director accepts the turnover and then chooses the events team, designating one team member as the event manager. The event manager discusses and confirms details with the customer, and begins some event preparations before starting the ordering process.

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