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Reviewing and Accepting or Rejecting the Turnover

When the Turnover Checklist is submitted to the event manager, the turnover record becomes read-only, and the Turnover Date field is populated with the current date. The active turnover record appears on the home page of the designated event manager or team member, and it also appears in the Turnover Evaluations screen list.

After reviewing the turnover, the event manager can either reassign the Turnover Checklist or accept or reject it. The event manager reassigns the Turnover Checklist by updating the Turnover To field.

There are three levels of visibility for turnover evaluations as follows:

  • My Turnover Evaluations. This list shows all evaluations turned over to a specific person on a team.
  • My Cluster Turnover Evaluations. This list shows all turnover evaluations for a cluster of properties.
  • All Turnover Evaluations. This list shows all turnover evaluations for a particular property.

This task is a step in Process of Finalizing a Quote and Managing Turnover.

To review the Turnover Checklist

  1. Navigate to the Turnover Evaluations screen > Turnover Evaluations list view.
  2. In the Turnover Evaluations list, query for the Turnover Checklist.
  3. Review the checklist, update the status to In Process, and then change the status to either Approved or Rejected.

    If the turnover is rejected, the event manager completes the Reason Turnover Declined field to provide the reason for rejecting the turnover.

    When the turnover is Approved or Rejected by the event manager, the Accepted By and Accepted Date fields are automatically populated.

    NOTE:  If the Quote Turnover is accepted, the event manager owns the event. If the Quote Turnover is rejected, the turnover record is returned to the sales representative for revision and submission again.

Using the Turnover Evaluations Calendar

The Turnover Evaluations Calendar displays the quotes that have been assigned to an event manager or to an event manager's team. The quotes are displayed in the calendar based on their arrival dates. This is useful for an event manager who needs to accept turnover evaluations. If a quote's arrival date is approaching, then the event manager can use the Turnover Evaluations list to the right of the calendar to accept or reject the evaluation.

NOTE:  In order for an event manager to view quotes in this view, the Event Manager field for the quote must be populated with that event manager's name.

To use the Turnover Evaluations Calendar

  1. Navigate to the Turnover Evaluations screen > Calendar view.
  2. Examine quotes with an upcoming arrival date.
  3. In the turnover evaluations list to the right of the calendar, query for turnover evaluations associated with the relevant quotes.
  4. Accept or reject the turnover evaluations as appropriate.
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