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About Creating or Modifying the Database Layout

There are two methods you can use to modify the database storage layout for your deployment:

  • Method 1—Adjust the Storage Control File to Reflect Your Database Layout

    Adjust the object definitions and options in the storage control file to reflect your database storage layout. When you subsequently perform a customized database installation (Process of Performing a Custom Installation) or when you use database utilities, select your new storage control file when you are prompted for the storage control file input parameter. The resulting output file, schema.sql, contains the DDL that reflects your modifications.

    If you choose to use this method, you must generate an updated version of the storage.ctl file before running any of the database configuration utilities that require this file as input, for example, the Synchronize Schema Definition (ddlsync) and Migrate Repository (dev2prod) database configuration utilities.

    You can generate an updated version of the storage.ctl file using the Database Server Configuration Wizard. For further information, see Extracting a Storage Control File from the DB2 Catalog.

  • Method 2—Modify Generated DDL Using DB2 Tools

    To use this method, perform a standard installation (see Performing a Standard Installation), and select the Generate DDL into Files installation mechanism. After the Siebel Wizard generates the DDL (to a file named schema.sql), your DBA can directly edit the output DDL using native DB2 tools. Some DBAs prefer this method, because it involves using customary DB2 tools and does not involve manipulation of the storage control file.

    When your DBA has modified the DDL, you should extract the storage control file so that it reflects the schema layout on the mainframe. This extraction saves time in the future as it means less manual work is involved when you run database utilities, such as Migrate Repository (dev2prod).

Implementing Siebel Business Applications on DB2 UDB for z/OS