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Assigning FAQs to Applications

FAQ documents are listings of common questions and answers on a particular topic. A frequently asked question is created by entering the question in the FAQ field of a solution record. Like all solutions, FAQs can be published internally or externally and are searchable. For FAQs and solutions to be available on your Web site, the Publish External flag must be set.

Users of each Siebel Life Sciences portal can see a different set of FAQs. Use the Permission Type field to assign a FAQ to a portal. The choices are:

  • All. Consumer, Physician, and Site Portal users.
  • Professionals. Physician Portal users.
  • Consumers. Consumer Portal users.
  • Sites. Site Portal users.

To make FAQs (solutions) available to specific users

  1. Navigate to Solution Administration > Solutions.

    The Solutions list appears.

  2. Select the record of the FAQ you want to assign to a Siebel Life Sciences portal application.
  3. From the drop-down menu in the Permission Type field, choose the users who can see the FAQ.

    Consumer Portal users can see FAQs that have the permission type set to Consumers or All.

    NOTE:  Leaving the Permission Type column blank allows the FAQ to show in all the applications.

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