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Managing Requests for Visits

A professional can request a visit by a representative of your company to discuss products or other issues. The professional can subsequently update details.

Requests for visits exist in the database as activities. When a professional submits a request for a visit, an activity is created with the following field values, as shown in Table 3.

Table 3. Visit Request Activity Fields



Activity Type

Schedule An Office Visit


In Progress

Activities created by requests for visits are automatically assigned to the primary sales representative. Navigate to Activities > All Activities in your Siebel Life Sciences employee application to view or modify activities.

For more information about activities, see Siebel Life Sciences Guide and Applications Administration Guide.

To request a visit from a company representative

  1. Click the Request A Visit tab.

    The My Office Visits page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The My Office Visits form appears.

  3. Provide a description for the visit request, and then click Save.

    The new request appears in the My Office Visits list.

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