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Assignment of Server Keys to Loyalty Members

Without configuration, the application automatically assigns keys to new members based on which key is the least loaded. The least loaded key is determined based on the # of Members currently assigned to the key. This field that is maintained in the Server Key Map table by the application and is not editable.

You can control the logic used to generate keys by changing the user properties listed in Table 8.

Table 8. User Properties that Control Key Generation
Business Component
User Property Name

LOY Member

Auto Generate Key Flag

Y or N to indicate if key should be automatically generated. If not defined, then defaults to Y.

LOY Server Key Map

Auto Generate Key SearchSpec Search

Search specification for keys to consider for assignment. Customer can specify a search spec such as [Number of Members] < 100000 to only use keys that are not yet fully loaded.

LOY Server Key Map

Auto Generate Key SortSpec

Sort specification to determine the least loaded key. The first key in the sort sequence is assigned to the next member. Without configuration, it sorts in ascending order based on the Number of Members field.

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