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Scenario for Partner Use of Siebel Loyalty

This scenario gives one example of how partners may use Siebel Loyalty. Your partners may use Loyalty differently, depending on your business model.

The Partner Enrolls a New Member

An automobile manufacturer is running a special promotion, which allows dealers to give away 25,000 points with the purchase of any car.

A dealer sells a car to a customer who does not yet have a Loyalty account. The dealer uses the Loyalty Members screen of the Partner Portal to enroll the customer in the loyalty program.

The Partner Gives Points to a Member Manually

After enrolling the member, the dealer navigates to the Loyalty Transactions screen.

The dealer creates a new transaction record to give the member the 25,000 points. After filling in the new record, the dealer clicks Process, and receives confirmation that the transaction is complete.

This information is available to either a host company employee using the Loyalty application or the member through the Loyalty Member Portal, in addition to being available to the partner through the Loyalty Partner Portal.

The Partner Logs a Service Request

The dealer has questions about this promotion.

The dealer navigates to the Self Service screen of the Partner Portal, creates a new service request, and enters the question.

When the dealer logs into the Partner Portal again, several hours later, the dealer navigates to the Self Service screen and sees that the OEM has entered the answer to the question.

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