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Creating Loyalty Promotions with Partners

You create promotions with partners in much the same way that you create ordinary promotions:

  • Create a Joint Marketing Campaign. Before creating the promotion, use Siebel Marketing to create a joint campaign with the partner. For more information, see Siebel Marketing Installation and Administration Guide.
  • Set Up a Promotion Based on Transactions with the Partner. Create the promotion in the usual way, as described in Process of Creating Loyalty Promotions, and enter the following data:
    • Promotions Based on Transactions with Only the Partner. When you create the rule for the promotion, choose the partner as one of the criteria in a promotion rule, so the promotion applies only to members' transactions with this partner. If the promotion could apply to multiple partners, enter in multiple partners as promotion criteria.
    • Promotions Based on Transactions with the Partner or Host Company. When you create the rule for the promotion, choose both the host company and one or more partner companies as criteria, so the rule applies to the member's transactions with either the host company or these partners.
    • Promotions Based on Transactions with the Partner and Host Company. Create a promotion that gives a member a bonus based upon completing purchases from both the host company and the partner, as described in Example of Creating a Joint Promotion. This is a joint promotion, defined so the member must have transactions with both the partner and the host company to get the bonus.
  • Partner Approves the Promotion. If the partner must approve the promotion, they can do so by going to Loyalty Promotions view of the Partner Portal and selecting Partner Approved in the Partner Status field. This field shows that the partner has approved the promotion, but the promotion is not active and does not apply to transactions until a host company employee activates it.
  • Sell Points to the Partner. You may have to sell additional points to the partner for the promotion. Do this in the same way you sell points to partners for the loyalty program, as described in Selling Loyalty Points to Partners.
  • Activate the Promotion. After getting approvals and selling additional points to the partner, as needed, the host activates the Promotion by selecting it and clicking Activate in Promotion Administration view.
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