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Configurations for Loyalty Vouchers

You can configure the product to change the behavior of vouchers.

Making Vouchers Expire in Days Rather than Months or Years

Without configuration, the Unit of Measure (UOM) for a voucher's expiration length is months or years.

You can change configure the product so the UOM also includes days. This allows users to set expiration based on days, for example, to create a voucher that expires in 5 days.

To add days to the UOM for a voucher's expiration date:

Add a new LOV type called Days.

Update the configuration of the Expiration field in the LOY Voucher business component to calculate the expiration date based on the new LOV, using the following formula:

IIF([Expiration UOM] = LookupValue("LOY_LEAD_TIME_CD", "Days"), [Created] + 1, [Created] + [Expiration In Days])

Giving Members a Voucher for Registering

If you want to give a member a voucher(s) when they register, then add as a step to the Registration Action-Base Bonus workflow to create a voucher record for the member.

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