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Process of Setting Up Loyalty Programs

NOTE:  A new loyalty program may require different lists of values from existing loyalty programs. For example, it may use different membership card types. If so, before you start this process, create the needed lists of values, as described in Defining Lists of Values for Siebel Loyalty.

To set up a loyalty program, the loyalty administrator performs the following tasks:

  1. Creating Loyalty Programs
  2. Defining Program Level Attributes for Loyalty
  3. Defining Point Types for Loyalty Programs
  4. Minting Point Blocks for Loyalty Programs
  5. Defining Tier Classes and Tiers
  6. Creating Tier Promotions
  7. Creating Vouchers for Loyalty Members
  8. Defining Vouchers as Tier Rewards
  9. Configurations for Loyalty Vouchers
  10. Defining Loyalty Features of Products, Price Lists, and Catalogs
  11. Creating Base Loyalty Promotions
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