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Allowing New Fields to Be Used in Loyalty Promotion Criteria

If you configure the application to add a new field, for example to the Member or Transaction record, it is not automatically available for us in promotion criteria. This section describes how to add a new field that is available in promotion criteria.

To add a new field used in a transaction, do the following:

  • Decide what type of attribute you must use in the criteria. For more information about types of attributes, see Creating Attributes for Loyalty.
  • Using Siebel Tools, add the field that attribute will be based on to the appropriate business components, as shown in Table 16. For example, if you want to use a Transaction Attribute in the criteria, add the field to the business component LOY Transaction and LOY Engine Transaction.
    Table 16. Business Components and LOV Types Used with Attribute Types
    Attribute Type
    Business Components
    List Of Values Type

    Member Field

    LOY Member

    LOY Engine Member


    Member Tier

    LOY Member Tier

    LOY Engine Member Tier



    LOY Transaction

    LOY Engine Transaction


    Promotion Specific

    LOY Promotion Bucket

    LOY Engine Promotion Bucket


    Point Type

    LOY Member/LOY Tier

    LOY Engine Member/LOY Engine Tier


  • Using Siebel Loyalty, navigate to the Administration - Data > List of Values view and add the appropriate value:
    • In the Type field, query Query for the appropriate LOV type for this attribute, as shown in Table 16. For example, if you want to use a Transaction Attribute in the criteria, query for LOY_ATTRIB_FIELDS_TXN.
    • Add a new record. In the Type field, add this same LOV type. In the Display Value and Language-Independent Code, add an entry that exactly matches the name of the new field that you added to the business component.
    • Click the Clear Cache button to refresh the cache.
  • Now you can create an attribute based on this new field, as described in Creating Attributes for Loyalty.
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