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Creating a Promotion that Applies During a Specific Day of the Week

You can create a promotion that only applies on a specific day each week as follows:

In Siebel Tools, configure Loyalty as follows:

  • In the business component LOY Transaction, create a calculated field called Day of Week, which calculates the day of the week from the Transaction date field.
  • In the business component LOY Engine Transaction, create the same calculated field.

In Siebel Loyalty:

  • In the List of Values Administration view, add a new record for LOY_ATTRIB_FIELDS_TXN with the value Day of Week.
  • Create a transaction attribute based on this field.
  • Create a promotion with a rule that:
    • Includes a criteria that uses this transaction attribute. For example, the criteria might be Day of Week = Tuesday.
    • Includes an action that gives a bonus if the criteria for the promotion are true.

For general information about adding new fields that are used in promotion criteria, see Allowing New Fields to Be Used in Loyalty Promotion Criteria.

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