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Activating and Deactivating Marketing Workflow Processes

The Siebel Marketing application requires a group of workflow processes to support various functions. Workflow processes must be activated before you can use them. When activated, the workflow process Status field contains a value of Active. For more information about activating or deactivating workflows, read Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

CAUTION:  The procedure for activating a workflow has changed. You must deploy workflows in Siebel Tools and then activate workflows before you can use them. For more information, read the section about upgrade planning for Siebel Workflow Designer in the Upgrade Guide for the operating system you are using.

Activating Workflow Processes

Table 4 contains a list of workflows required for the Siebel Marketing application. To activate a workflow process, use the instructions for deploying workflows in Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

NOTE:  Before attempting to use Siebel Marketing, make sure that you activate version zero (0) of every workflow in Table 4, and then restart the Workflow Process Manager Component (or Siebel Server).

Table 4. Workflow Processes Required for Siebel Marketing
Workflow Name

Analytics Data Load


Loads data through EAI for Customer Synchronization or Analytics Data Load requests

Campaign Copy


Applies a campaign template

Email Marketing - Forward to Friend


Sends new emails to forward recipients

Email Marketing - Update Status


Updates the delivery status of an email offer

Generate Source Code


Generates source codes for a campaign

Import Marketing Contact


Subprocess for Marketing Campaign Load

List Export


Requests list files to be generated by the Marketing module

List Export (Internal)


Generate list files for sending email offers using basic mode.

List Purge


Purges prospects from an internal list

Marketing Approval Process


Routes marketing approval items

Marketing Campaign Launch


Launches one or more campaign waves

Marketing Campaign Load


Loads segment or list members into a campaign

Marketing Stage Execution


Scheduled execution of a program stage

Marketing Wave Launch


Subprocess for Marketing Campaign Launch

Program Copy


Applies a program template

Promote Prospects - Many


Promotes multiple prospects to customers.

Promote Prospects - Single


Promotes a single prospect to a customer.

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