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Installing and Configuring the Sample Application

The Reference Configuration Sample is an application that allows you to access the Siebel Mobile Connector Metadata Business Service API through a graphical user interface. You can use the Reference Configuration Sample to generate style sheets and alerts. It can also be used to configure alerts for a transport method. The sample application is not shipped starting with Siebel 7.5 but is available for download through Siebel SupportWeb.

The sample application must be installed on a machine running Microsoft Internet Information Server. You must have the Siebel COM Data Control control installed and configured on the machine where the sample application is installed.

Use the procedure To install and configure the sample application to install and configure the sample application.

To install and configure the sample application

  1. Download the self-extracting ZIP file, smcrefconfig.exe, from Siebel Support Web and unzip the contents to an appropriate Web directory on a machine running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).
  2. Create a virtual directory on IIS and point it to the Web directory you used in Step 1.

    NOTE:  For instructions regarding this step, consult the Microsoft Internet Information Server documentation.

  3. Right-click on the virtual directory, which is located under Default Web Site, and select Properties.
  4. Verify that Execute Permissions is set to Scripts only and that Application Protection is set to Low (IIS Process), and click Configuration.
  5. Click the App Options tab and set the ASP Script time-out value to a large number (for example, 2147483646 seconds) and set the session time out to a large number (for example, to 200 minutes).

    NOTE:  The process of creating a new subscription for a typical new application can take 10 minutes or longer. If the application is very large, the process could take a few hours. To avoid page time-out errors, you need to set the script and session time-outs to large values.

  6. Click OK.
  7. From the Directory window, select the Directory Security tab, and in the Anonymous access and authentication control section, click Edit.

    The Anonymous User Account dialog box appears.

    Click for full size image
  8. Verify that the user listed in this dialog box has read and write permissions to the IIS directory.

    If necessary, change to a user who has read and write permissions for the IIS directory, such as your Windows login account name.

  9. Edit the following parameters in the metadata.cfg file and Restart IIS.

    GatewayServer=Siebel Gateway Server name
    Port=port number
    SiebelServer=Siebel Server name

  10. Open a Web browser and type this URL in the Address bar:

    http://machine name/virtual_directory_name/registration.asp

    The Reference Configuration Sample application is displayed.

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