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Testing Your Program

To test your program

  1. Start your Siebel client application using the same CFG file and login arguments you specified in the code.
  2. Choose Screens > Accounts > All Accounts. Verify that there is at least one account visible in the Account list applet. If there is not, create one. Exit the Siebel client.
  3. Open the CFG file you specified in the code and make sure that the DataSource key indicates the database source you specified at logon in Step 2.
  4. In Microsoft Visual C++, choose Build > Build SiebelCOM.exe, or press F7. If there are any errors or warnings reported in the output window, correct the errors and repeat this step.
  5. Choose Build > Execute SiebelCOM.exe, or press F5.

    A message box displays the message "Siebel Data Server initialized."

  6. Click OK.

    The customized dialog box opens.

  7. The application displays a series of message boxes, with the following messages:

    "CFG file loaded."
    "Logged into Siebel database."
    "Account BusObject retrieved."
    "Account BusComp retrieved."

    The application displays the name of the first account in the All Accounts view.

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