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Release Method

The Release() method enables the release of the business component and its resources on the Siebel Server.




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Used With

Java Data Bean


The following example is for Java Data Bean:

// create Siebel Data Bean
   // login into Siebel Data Bean   
   // Create Siebel Bus Object.
// get the Bus Object from SiebelDataBean
   // Create Siebel Bus Comp siebBusComp   
// Get the business component using SiebelBusObject
// Use the bus. Component   
// Be sure to release the business component and its resources on the server side   siebBusComp.release();   
// release the resources occupied by Siebel Bus Object and Siebel Data Bean after their use.

The following example logs in to a Siebel Server. It then instantiates a business object, a business component, and a business service. Then, it releases them in reverse order.


public class JDBReleaseDemo
   private SiebelDataBean m_dataBean = null;
   private SiebelBusObject m_busObject = null;
   private SiebelBusComp m_busComp = null;
   private SiebelService m_busServ = null;

   public static void main(String[] args)
      JDBReleaseDemo demo = new JDBReleaseDemo();

   public JDBReleaseDemo()

         // instantiate the Siebel Data Bean
         m_dataBean = new SiebelDataBean();

         // login to the servers
         m_dataBean.login("siebel.TCPIP.None.None://<gateway>:<port>/<enterprise>/<object manager>","<user id>","<password>");
         System.out.println("Logged in to the Siebel server ");

         // get the business object
         m_busObject = m_dataBean.getBusObject("Account");

         // get the business component
         m_busComp = m_busObject.getBusComp("Account");

         // get the business service
         m_busServ = m_dataBean.getService("Workflow Process Manager");

         //release the business service
         System.out.println("BS released ");

         //release the business component

         System.out.println("BC released ");

         //release the business object
         System.out.println("BO released ");

         // logoff
         System.out.println("Logged off the Siebel server ");

      catch (SiebelException e)



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