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BusComp_ChangeRecord Event

The ChangeRecord event is called after a record becomes the current row in the business component.




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Code in the ChangeRecord event handler is executed each time that the focus changes to another record. Avoid lengthy operations in this event handler to enable smooth scrolling in list applets.

Used With

Server Script


This Siebel VB example uses two subprograms in the (general) (declarations) section to set up an audit trail for service requests. The ChangeRecord event handler is used to initialize the values from the service record so that they can be compared with current values.

(general) (declarations)
Option Explicit
Dim OldClosedDate, OldCreated, OldOwner, OldOwnerGroup
Dim OldSeverity, OldSource, OldStatus
Declare Sub CreateAuditRecord
Declare Sub InitializeOldValues

Sub CreateAuditRecord (FieldName As String, NewValue As String, OldValue As String, ChangedText As String)

   Dim ActionBC As BusComp
   Dim CurrentBO As BusObject
   Dim theSRNumber

   Set CurrentBO = TheApplication.GetBusObject("Service Request")
   Set ActionBC = CurrentBO.GetBusComp("Action")
   theSRNumber = GetFieldValue("SR Number")

   With ActionBC
      .ActivateField "Activity SR Id"
      .ActivateField "Description"
      .ActivateField "Private"
      .ActivateField "Service request id"
      .ActivateField "Type"
      .NewRecord NewAfter

      .SetFieldValue "Activity SR Id",      theSRNumber
      .SetFieldValue "Description",         ChangedText
      .SetFieldValue "Private",               "Y"
      .SetFieldValue "Type",                "Administration"
   End With
End Sub

Sub InitializeOldValues
   OldClosedDate = GetFieldValue("Closed Date")
   OldOwner = GetFieldValue("Owner")
   OldSeverity = GetFieldValue("Severity")
   If GetFieldValue("Severity") <> OldSeverity Then
      NewValue = GetFieldValue("Severity")
      ChangedText = "Changed Priority from " + OldSeverity + _
         " to " + NewValue
      CreateAuditRecord "Severity", NewValue, OldSeverity, _
   End If
End Sub

Sub BusComp_ChangeRecord
End Sub

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