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BusComp_PreWriteRecord Event

The PreWriteRecord event is called before a row is written out to the database. The event may perform any final validation necessary before the actual save occurs.




Not applicable



ContinueOperation or CancelOperation


CancelOperation stops the execution of the underlying Siebel code associated with the event. However, if there is code in the same script following CancelOperation, that code runs regardless of the CancelOperation.

The PreWriteRecord event triggers only if a field value was modified or inserted, or when a record is deleted. When a record is deleted, PreWriteRecord is called to delete the implied join records to the initial record.

When associating a multi-value group record (based on an M:M relationship) with the business component that invokes the association, the PreWriteRecord and WriteRecord events execute. These events execute even if no fields on the base or invoking business component are updated by the association. The PreWriteRecord and WriteRecord events are executed to acknowledge the update to the intersection table.

Used With

Server Script


Function BusComp_PreWriteRecord As Integer

   ' This code resets the probability before the write
   ' if necessary

   if Me.GetFieldValue("Sales Stage") LIKE "07*" then
      ' Resets the Probability to 75 if less than 75
      if Val(Me.GetFieldValue("Rep %")) < 75 then
         Me.SetFieldValue "Rep %", "75"
      end If
   end if

   BusComp_PreWriteRecord = ContinueOperation
End Function

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