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BusComp_Query Event

The Query event is called just after the query is complete and the rows have been retrieved, but before the rows are actually displayed.




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Used With

Server Script


In this Siebel VB example, important information is defined using the Action business component with a special activity type. If the user starts an account query, the code checks whether important information is available. If so, the information is displayed in a message box.

Sub BusComp_Query

   Dim oBusObj As BusObject, oCurrFinAct As BusComp,
   Dim oActivities as BusComp, oAppl as Applet
   Dim sName as String, sDescription as String

   On error goto leave

   set oBusObj = TheApplication.ActiveBusObject
   Set oCurrFinAct = TheApplication.ActiveBusComp

   If oCurrFinAct.FirstRecord <> 0 then
      sName = oCurrFinAct.GetFieldValue("Name")
      Set oActivities = oBusObj.GetBusComp("Finance _
         Important Info Activity")
      With oActivities
         .SetSearchSpec "Account Name", sName
         .SetSearchSpec "Type", "Important Info"
         .ExecuteQuery ForwardOnly
         If .FirstRecord <> 0 then
            sDescription = .GetFieldValue("Description")
            TheApplication.Trace("Important Information: " + sDescription)
            do while .NextRecord <> 0
               sDescription = .GetFieldValue("Description")
               TheApplication.Trace("Important Information: " + sDescription)
         End If
      End With
   End If


   Set oCurrFinAct = Nothing
   set oBusObj = Nothing

End Sub

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