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LoadObjects Method

The LoadObjects method is used to start the COM Data Server object, and returns a reference to the Application object. This method must be the first call to the COM Data Server.





The complete path and name of the CFG file to open. For example:

You can optionally identify the data source in the argument to the LoadObjects method by appending to the CFG file string, separated by a commma. For example:

When the data source is not specified, the LoadObjects method assumes "Local" as the data source.


The Application object opened on start-up


Prior to calling LoadObjects, you must change the current directory to the Siebel\bin directory.

When using COM Data Server, the COM client cannot create multiple connections to the COM Server. For example, a second attempt at calling LoadObjects() causes the error message: "The object definition manager has already been initialized." The COM client must be restarted before another connection attempt can be successful. Use COM Data Control instead.

Used With

COM Data Server


The following example is for COM Data Server. SiebelApplication is an Application instance.

Private Sub LoadConfig_Click()
   Dim errCode As Integer
   LoadConfig.Enabled = False
   SiebelApplication.LoadObjects "C:\siebel\bin\uagent.cfg", _

   If errCode = 0 Then
      ConfigOK = 1
   End If

   Status.Text = SiebelApplication.GetLastErrText
End Sub

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