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Application Methods

The following methods are built-in methods that return the current Siebel Application object instance:

  • TheApplication when called from Siebel VB within Siebel Tools,
  • TheApplication() (case-sensitive) when called from Siebel eScript within Siebel Tools
  • theApplication() (case-sensitive) when called from Browser Script within Siebel Tools

If an Application method applies to one scripting language, then the Syntax definition in the method's section includes TheApplication, TheApplication(), or theApplication() specifically.

If a method applies to external interfaces or to more than one scripting language, and thus to more than one syntax, then the Syntax definition includes Application, which denotes that:

  • The applicable construct should be substituted for Application in Siebel VB, Siebel eScript, or Browser Script
  • The name of an Application instance should be substituted for Application when you use external interfaces.

Examples of Application methods used by external interfaces frequently include SiebelApplication as the Application instance. You should understand that the examples assume that SiebelApplication is instantiated in the script, whether the instantiation statement is included in the example or not.

This section includes documentation for the following Application methods:

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