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SWEAlert Method

SWEAlert displays a modal dialog box containing a message to the user.




Undefined (similar to returning nothing)


Use SWEAlert instead of Alert. With Alert, popup applets such as Mvg and Pick applets are hidden (sent to the background) when a JavaScript Alert() is raised by a Browser side event. With SWEAlert, the dialog's parent applet is not sent to the foreground.

Used With

Browser Script


The following browser script example displays a status message to the user.

function BusComp_PreSetFieldValue (fieldName, value) {

   if (fieldName == "Account Status") {
      var cVolume = this.GetFieldValue("Current Volume");
      if ((value == "Inactive") && (cVolume > 0)) {
         theApplication().SWEAlert("Unable to inactivate an account that has a
         current volume greater than 0");

         return ("CancelOperation");
         return ("ContinueOperation");
      return ("ContinueOperation");

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