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LoginId Method

The LoginId method returns the login ID of the user who started the Siebel application.




Not applicable



A string containing the login ID


The login ID is the row ID of the user's login in the Employee table. Once obtained, the login ID can be conveniently used as a search specification.

Used With

COM Data Control, COM Data Server, Java Data Bean, Mobile Web Client Automation Server, Server Script


In this Siebel VB example of the BusComp_PreSetFieldValue event, the LoginId method is used to determine whether the user has the right to modify a record.

Function BusComp_PreSetFieldValue (FieldName As String,
         FieldValue As String) As Integer
   Dim iReturn as integer
   iReturn = ContinueOperation
   Select Case FieldName
      Case "Account Status"
         if Me.GetFieldValue("Created By") <> _
            TheApplication.LoginId then
            TheApplication.RaiseErrorText("*** You cannot change Account Status _
               because you did not create the record***")
            iReturn = CancelOperation
         end if
   End Select
   BusComp_PreSetFieldValue = iReturn
End Function

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