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When Events Occur

There is no simple way to determine when various events occur, as many different events can occur when a view becomes current or when an object is invoked. To find out the exact order of events, enable tracing when the application starts (Application_Start event). For Siebel eScript the syntax resembles the following:

TheApplication().TraceOn("filename, type, selection");
TheApplication().TraceOn(" Event_Name has fired.");

For Siebel VB the syntax resembles the following:

TheApplication.TraceOn "filename, type, selection"
TheApplication.Trace "Event_Name has fired."

When the preceding code has been placed on the Application_Start event, place a line of code of the following form in each event handler (including the Pre-event handlers) for the object, including insert, delete, write, business component, and any others that may apply.

TheApplication.Trace "Event_Name fired."

Then perform some simple inserts, updates, and deletes, and make a note of each message as it appears. You then have a list of the order in which events fire on that view or for that object.

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