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Siebel Business Component Events

Events can be invoked from data operations on business components. These are defined on a per-business component basis. Events can be invoked before or after the specified standard behavior.

The only means of trapping modifications to a multi-value field is through the underlying MVG business component. If the multi-value field is modified without popping up the MVG applet, then the PreSetFieldValue and SetFieldValue events for those fields are not triggered. The only way in which the PreSetFieldValue and SetFieldValue events are fired for a multi-value field is if the field is updated within the MVG applet. If the user makes a change to the multi-value field through the MVG applet, then only the events on the MVG business component are called. No events on the parent business component are called.

Table 13 and Table 14 list BusComp events.

Table 13. Server Side BusComp Events

BusComp_Associate Event

BusComp_ChangeRecord Event

BusComp_PreCopyRecord Event

BusComp_CopyRecord Event

BusComp_InvokeMethod Event

BusComp_NewRecord Event

BusComp_PreAssociate Event

BusComp_PreDeleteRecord Event

BusComp_PreGetFieldValue Event

BusComp_PreInvokeMethod Event

BusComp_PreNewRecord Event

BusComp_PreQuery Event

BusComp_PreSetFieldValue Event

BusComp_PreWriteRecord Event

BusComp_Query Event

BusComp_SetFieldValue Event

BusComp_WriteRecord Event

Table 14. Browser Side BusComp Events

BusComp_PreSetFieldValue Event

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