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About Competencies and Assignment Manager

When competencies are mapped to skills created in Assignment Manager, the skills become another criteria the Assignment Manager engine can use to take an action. As managers update competencies to track employee development, Assignment Manager triggers an action based on this competency information.

For example, a call center agent might take a course that updates the Advance Printer Selling skill. Using Assignment Manager, the system can now route calls from customers who want to buy printers to the agent because this agent is now qualified to handle those calls.

When new competencies are added to the employee profile in the competency management system, a business service is triggered to create the same competency in Assignment Manager for the employee.

The Assignment Manager skills allow the administrator to select competencies that are applied to each employee. Assignment Manager then pulls these competencies from the Competency Management System Skills Hierarchy by means of a selection that points to the Skills Hierarchy:

  • Skills attained through training course completion update both the user's Assignment Manager Competencies and the Employee Competencies
  • Skills upgraded through Performance Management assessments update both the user's Assignment Manager Competencies and the Employee Competencies.
  • Skills upgraded or attained through Skills Self-Assessment in Competency Management update both the user's Assignment Manager Competencies and the Employee Competencies.

The Siebel application pulls the numeric scale in the Competency Management System and adds the scale to it in Assignment Manager as both a High and Low range for that skill, and for that employee.

The Expertise field in Assignment Manager allows a selection of skill levels pulled from the rating scale assigned to the particular skill in Competency Management.

The Assignment Manager functionality supports two levels of skills:

  • Competency. This level is set in Siebel Tools. The Flat List of All CMS Competencies are transferred to Assignment Manager.
  • Assignment Skill Items. This level shows all levels below the Parent Skill in Competency Management.

    For example:

    • CMS: The Parent Skill is Technical Competencies
    • CMS: The Root Category is Programming Language Skills
    • CMS: The Lowest Node is C++

      The result in Assignment Manager is:

    • Assignment Manager: Assignment Skill is Technical Competencies
    • Assignment Manager: Assignment Skill Items are Programming Language Competencies and C++

For more information about Assignment Manager functionality, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

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