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Syncing Required Skills for Employee Competency

After the job profiles are defined in the system, a synchronization process is required to copy the skills associated with a specific job profile to the personal skill inventory of that employee. Managers and employees can then target skill gaps. When an employee begins a new job, a synchronization is required to populate the employee's personal job profile with the required skills. After the skills are synchronized with the profile, the required levels of proficiency for the job appear, with the Current status uncompleted (blank).

Employees can perform a skills self-assessment to increase their competency level. Manager can also evaluate competencies as part of the performance management process, and also update competencies when the employee takes training.

If the employee changes jobs, the employee is assigned a new job profile and another synchronization is performed by the administrator or manager to obtain the new set of skills required for the job. The previous set of skills that the employees achieved remains in the employee's skill profile. Employees can add additional skills to the profile, using the skills approval process.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Competency Management.

To synchronize required skills with a job profile

  1. Navigate to the Administration - User screen > Employees view.
  2. In the Employees list, query for the employee, and then drill down on the Last Name field.
  3. From the Employee form, click the Competency view tab.
  4. In the Competency list, click Sync Required Skills.
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