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Configuring Performance Management for a GUESTERM User

After installing the server and application, you must configure the application for the GUESTERM (guest ERM) user. This user ID verifies that each user logging in to Performance Management sees the proper Home Page with the correct page tab.

To set up the GUESTERM user

  1. Using the appropriate database software for your database, create a database login with the following parameters:

    Login = GUESTERM

    Password = DBPASSWORD

    (DBPASSWORD represents a password that you provide.)

    This step creates the GUESTERM user database account, as required for your RDBMS system.

    NOTE:  The password is only required for db2 and non DOCI MSSQL databases.

  2. Stop the Web server.
  3. Open the eapps.cfg file from SWEApp\BIN directory.

    NOTE:  The eapps.cfg file is installed on the Web server, within the Siebel directory.

    The SWEApp\bin\eapps.cfg file includes definitions that allow unregistered user access.

  4. Locate the following section of the eapps.cfg file.


    AnonUserName = guesterm

    AnonPassword = password

    ConnectString = ...

    StartCommand = SWECmd=GotoView&SWEView=Portal+Page+Home+View

  5. Enter the following values.

    AnonUserName = GUESTERM

    AnonPassword = DBPASSWORD

  6. Save the eapps.cfg file.
  7. Restart the Web server.

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