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Unlocking Approved Objectives for Midperiod Updates

Companies that want to allow employees to update their objectives in the middle of a period can unlock them for editing. This capability is useful when a new hire needs to begin the objectives process mid-period. When the administrator unlocks objectives, the objectives status is set to Not Started, and the approval process is repeated.

Objectives are unlocked at the organization level. A company may unlock objectives for organization A, but not for Organization B. The administrator can select all or some organizations when unlocking objectives.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Objectives and Reviews.

To unlock objectives

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Performance Management screen> Performance Records Administration view.
  2. From the visibility filters, select Performance by Period.
  3. In the Performance by Period list, select the period, and then click Unlock Objectives.
  4. From the Pick Divisions dialog box, perform one of the following tasks:
    • Click Unlock All Divisions, and confirm the choice.
    • In the list, select the divisions for the objectives you want to unlock, and click Unlock Selected Divisions.
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