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Selecting a KPI for an Objective

When an employee creates an objective, the employee can associate one or more KPIs with the objective.

To associate a performance objective with a KPI

  1. Navigate to the Performance Management dashboard and drill into a period where the objectives are Not Started or Employee-in-Progress.
  2. Click the Objectives tab, and enter data for an individual objective.

    Click New to create a new objective.

    You can view the KPI currently associated with the objective by clicking in the KPIs field.

  3. From the KPI dialog box, click New to view the available list of KPIs.

    If the desired KPI does not appear in the available KPIs list, contact your KPI Administrator. It may be that you do not have access to the particular KPI.

  4. Select the KPI from the list, and enter a value in the Target and Critical fields.
  5. (Optional) Set a Start Date and End Date if you want the dates to be different from the period start and end date.

    The Start Date must be less than the End Date and greater than (or equal to) the Period Start Date. The End Date must be greater than the Start Date and less than (or equal to) the Period End Date.

  6. Click Save to save the KPI values.

    Close the window if you want to keep the Target and Critical values you have selected. You may add a new KPI to this objective by clicking New.

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