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Adding Attributes to Key Performance Indicators

After a user has associated the KPIs with objectives, the user can view the KPIs and add attributes using the My Key Performance Indicators view.

To add attributes to KPIs

  1. Navigate to the Performance Management dashboard and from the left navigation bar (or the link bar at top), click the My Key Performance Indicators link.
  2. On the My Key Performance Indicators view, select an objective, and complete the attributes in the More Info form.

    You can add other attributes to KPIs and Objectives in this view as well, including the override baseline, stretch target and other values. The baseline is the value of the KPI on the KPI Start Date and is read only.

    After the user has submitted the objectives, all of the KPI attributes become read-only.

    The following figure shows an example of the My Key Performance Indicators view.

    Click for full size image

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