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Reviewing an Employee's Performance Against KPIs

At the end of the performance period, a manager can drill down on an employee's objective and view how well the employee has performed compared with the objective's KPI. Managers can access scorecards for any employee below the manager's position in the reporting hierarchy.

The Review Scorecard view provides a condensed view of an employees performance during previous review periods.

To view an Employee's Review Scorecard

  1. Navigate to the Performance Management dashboard.
  2. In the left navigation bar (or from the top link bar), click the link for My Team's Performance Indicators.
  3. In the navigation bar, click Review Scorecard.

    You can click through the levels in the explorer tree on the left side of the screen to see employees below you in the positions hierarchy. The scorecard represents the performance of employees for the previous period.

    You can also click Printer-Friendly, and then navigate to the Review screen so that the Review Scorecard is always available.

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