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Configuring Web Services for KPI Analytics Load

Complete the steps in the following procedure to enable Siebel Server communication with the correct Siebel Analytics Server for KPI Analytics load.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard.

To configure Web services for KPI Analytics Load

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Web Services screen > Outbound Web Services view.
  2. In the Outbound Web Services list, query for Name = *Service*.

    The query should return at least the following three records:

    • JobManagementService
    • SAWSessionService
    • WebCatalogService
  3. Perform the following steps for each of the three Web services:
    1. Verify that the Service Ports list includes a record with Name = *KPI*.

      For example, the name might be JobManagementServiceSoapKPI.

    2. For the Web services with KPI in the name, replace CHANGEME in the Address field with the address of the appropriate Analytics server.

      For example, the value in the Address field might be http://CHANGEME/analytics/saw.dll?SoapImpl=jobManagementService, and the Serviceaddress might be smt4500i023.

      Using this example, the Address field for JobManagementServiceSoapKPI would be http://smt4500i023/analytics/saw.dll?SoapImpl=jobManagementService.

  4. Navigate to the Administration - Key Performance Indicators screen > Analytics Web Server view.
  5. In the Servers list, query for Name = <Default KPI Analytics Server > and make sure that the User ID and Password fields are populated with the correct login for the Analytics server.
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