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Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard

This process represents the installation tasks that are performed during setup of the Performance Scorecard module. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Complete these procedures after installing the Analytics and Siebel Servers and competing set up tasks for Siebel Objectives and Review. For more information, see Setting Up Objectives and Reviews. You only need to perform these steps one time.

  1. Enabling Component Groups for Performance Scorecard
  2. Setting the File System Parameter During Analytics Server Setup
  3. Preserving Analytics Web Catalogs
  4. Activating Workflows to Request Scorecard KPI Values
  5. Configuring Web Services for KPI Analytics Load
  6. Setting Up Symbolic URL for KPI Views
  7. Configuring Server Parameters for ERMAdmin Object Manager
  8. Scheduling a Repeating Server Job for KPIs
  9. Configuring the Performance Scorecard Dashboard
  10. Configuring the Root Path for KPIs in Siebel Analytics Data Load Catalog
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