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Setting the File System Parameter During Analytics Server Setup

Setting the MarketingFileSystem parameter allows the Siebel Analytics Server to communicate with the Siebel Server for an exchange of data on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Performance Scorecard.

To set the file system parameter

  1. Complete the procedures in the Marketing Analytics post-installation instructions.

    For more information, see Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. Set the MarketingFileSystem parameter in the instanceconfig.xml file.

    The instanceconfig.xml file can be found at the following location:

    <AnalyticsServerName1>\SiebelAnalyticsData\ Web\config\instanceconfig.xml

    For more information on working with the instanceconfig.xml file, see Siebel Analytics Web Administration Guide.

    Add the following line:


    where FileSystemLocation is a shared location, and the subdirectory FileSystemLocation/Marketing/EAI exists.

    For example, if your file system is located on your C: drive in the sea78 folder, the line would be similar to the following:


    The instanceconfig.xml file can be found at the following location:


FileSystemLocation/Marketing/EAI is where Analytics locates the KPI Analytics output files. A Siebel server parameter must be configured to point to the same FileSystemLocation so that the KPI Analytics data loader can find the files and import them into the Siebel database using EAI. See Configuring Server Parameters for ERMAdmin Object Manager for information on how to configure the parameter.

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